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~ Bidding farewell to reality - Visions of far off worlds~

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Hello, dearest traveller. It’s good to see that your path through the tangle of the world wide web led you here.
You’re one step away from entering foreign worlds – worlds I only revealed to a few so far. But do not fret – there’s nothing to fear. It is a world where fantasy rules and where everything is possible.

On this website you will encounter many a strange creature and if you’re lucky, they’ll tell you their tales. I hope you enjoy your stay and you will like what you see.

Well then, let me open the gates for you – enter this world, my world.

(Fare off Visions is a creative blog, all written and illustrated by me, an aspiring artist and writer called Yasao. Here you’ll find all kinds of artworks –finished and unfinished– and some information about the characters of my upcoming novels.)

The latest blog entries:

Making of "Pterya"

Greetings, everyone ♥

Once again I return with yet another "Making of" post, this time starring an aceo of a very special creature from a game that tends to get me nostalgic: Valefor from Final Fantasy X. I figured some people might like to see how I created this fanart using my trusty Copic Markers :)

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Making of "Becoming A Grey Warden" & Review: ShinHan Pass

Good afternoon, everyone :)

Remember me? *laughs* I'll admit, I've been slacking a little when it comes to posting here on my blog, but those who follow me on Facebook may have seen that I was rather active drawing-wise. I plan on posting more often, though and I have some larger projects planned, so stay tuned >U<

For now, I'd like to present you with one of my most recent aceos - I'll include some WIP photos and I'll also talk a little about a new kind of paint I recently got a chance to try: ShinHan Pass.

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Making of "How dangerous could it be?"

 Hello everyone :) It's been a while that I posted something here, but I'm back with yet another intriguing „Making-of“ post for you! We've had watercolors last time, alcohol markers (Copics) before that and today it's going to be all about colored pencils, a kind of medium I don't work with all that often and I'm still learning to use properly myself *laughs* I included not only WIP photos, but also a close look on how I create depth by layering various colors.

 The picture in itself is something very special to me as well and you'll find out more about why and what it's all about, too in today's post. So please, go on reading if you like :)

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