Small Update - Two new articles at once!

Good morning my friends! :)
Admittedly, it’s afternoon, but since I went to bed around 3 am last night, it feels to me as though it’s “morning” *laughs* In any case, I just wanted to let you know that I posted two new articles.


You can find the first one in the art category, if you take a look at the finished artworks – and that’s just what the new entry will show you. It’s three of my finished paintings. I hope you like them :) I might be showing more of them soon, so do return and take a look there sometime later, okay?

The other article is filed under a new category called “art talk”. Articles that carry this name are either about my work process, about ideas or other art related things. Today’s article is about some practice task of drawing backgrounds.

Hopefully I sparked your interest and I’m happy to get some feedback from you.


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