Two weeks of "Vacation in Midgar"

It’s been about two weeks ever since my last entry here and there’s so much to tell about – so much that it’s getting hard to decide where to start.

Maybe I should start with mentioning that I haven’t been home for the last two weeks – I had some... Let’s say quarrels with my family, so I decided it was for the best if I stayed away from home for a little while.

Luckily I have a very good friend (*waves* hello Asaka! Yes, I mean you!) who made this possible for me and who allowed me to stay at her place (oh, and also thanks to her boyfriend for bearing with me for two weeks *laughs* XD).

But I have to admit – I enjoyed the past weeks. Though I still had to go to work (an internship) every day, it still felt as though I was on vacation. Although I’m a little sad to be home again now, there’s also some things here that I missed a lot.

Still, I had fun to escape the usual daily routine for a little while and to spend my days a little different. I’m especially glad I could just be the crazy old me again – for example I often started to speak English in the middle of a German sentence, just for fun, or I also allowed myself to laugh about nonsense (what was that about “Kupopo”, Asaka? XD).

But what made me most happy that I finally got the chance again to focus a little more on Final Fantasy VII. In the previous weeks I concentrated my work on my novel, which of course, made me happy too, but as summer then really struck cologne and it made me suffer with it’s high temperatures, it got as good as impossible to work creatively. And so, being unable to draw and write, I felt that something was.. Missing.

I don’t even know why, but as I packed my bag to move to Asaka’s place for a while, I also packed my PSP – along with Crisis Core. I had not played this game in ages because I stopped playing it back then for certain reasons... But I kind of felt like starting over and re-played the game from scratch.
Soon all I could talk about was Sephiroth – Sephy here, Sephy there, “oh look, Asaka, it’s Sephiroth *u*”. Soon Asa and I also ended up watching Advent Children over and over *laughs*.
What made me happy about that though was that I didn’t seem to bug Asaka with my weird behavior, on the contrary – she seemed to be just as excited and started playing Crisis Core again too, so we both even started to write about it together. And not just that, finally I had someone again I could discuss my theories about FFVII with again <3

We spent the whole night on Friday just to sit together and to draw, even though I had no clue yet, WHAT I was going to draw or if I could manage to do more than just a sketch, because the terrible summer heat really kept me from being artistic. Eventually I liked my sketch so much though that I started to color it.

What do you think of it so far? Hopefully I’m going  to finish it soon – if I do, I’ll show it to you of course ;)


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    Hanakuro (Monday, 22 July 2013 15:10)

    Hallo, ich mal wieder :)
    Was mich immer wieder freut ist wenn es dir hier gut ging und das ich dir bei der Zeichendurst strecke helfen konnte wenn auch nur zwei Wochen. Meinen Report darüber werde ich wohl auch noch einen Report losschicken müssen aber naja...;D
    Nach meiner Mission werde ich mich mit einem weiteren Report bei dir melden.
    So und nun zu dem Bild:
    Wieso zweifelst du immer so an dir mir gefallen die augen weil sie besonders schön herausstechen und auch die haare sind dir richtig gut gelungen besonders mit den Licht und schattendetails auch wenn es noch ein "Scribble" ist(Ich glaube die diskussion müssen wir nicht nochmal führen>.>). But I love it.
    BTW the order is in progress
    ~cuddles u