That one, mischievous grin...

Loki in "Journey Into Mystery #94" Copyright Marvel ©1952

... makes me smile in malicious glee whenever I see it.

As you know and as I've told you, I've been reading some Thor Comics recently. I've added "Heaven and Earth" & #94 of "Journey Into Mystery" to my collection now (and ordered "The Trials of Loki" yesterday *can't wait to read it*) and learned that nothing makes me giggle in delight, as much as Loki's evil grin. Seriously, whenever he makes an appearance I can't help but smile... 

Thus, I ended up deciding to give it a try to draw just that grin of his - in my own style, inspired by Loki from the movies and the comics.

It started yesterday evening - tired as I was I just laid back on my bed and read the last few pages of "The Godstorm", kind of wishing Thor would lose for once and Loki would win - I mean you must admit, tricking the storms so they no longer obey Thor's command was a smart plan to begin with. I must have dozed off though, because the next thing I remember was seeing Loki being victorious, grinning his cute little grin.

"Wow" I thought as I woke "This was one wonderful expression." o//.//o And before I realized what I was doing I grabbed my tablet and began doodling a sketch of Loki. It was really just a rough doodle, just for fun, but I ended up liking it so much, that I started coloring it while watching Thor: The Dark World for the... Umpteenth time *laughs* So far I've only been adding colors underneath the sketch (which was turned down to a lower opacity), but once I blocked in all colors, I'm going to paint over the sketch layer.

Are you interested in seeing that painting? Well, that's good, because I just planned on sharing it! Once I'll finish the painting, I'll post it, of course :3 For now here's the sketch and some WIP pictures though.

Let me know what you think!


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