About me

A visitor? At this hour?
Well, this I didn‘t expect – but I welcome you. Please, have a seat. Is there something I can do for you? Perhaps I could interest you in a cup of tea? Some  pastries maybe? No?
Hmm... I see. How about a small story instead? Yes? This is is more to your liking?
Splendid! Then please, get comfortable... I‘ll be telling you the story of a young girl who went to battle reality, all on her own.

Said girl grew up like many others – she had a loving family, a safe home and went to school, as it it is common in our world for people her age. As common as it was, it wasn‘t a bad life... And yet, the older she became, the more she began to long for more than just this simple life.
She felt as though her world was too small – her hometown seemed gray and dreary and the daily routine was a burden to her. To see the same scenery, day for day, to meet the same people and to always only do the same, old things – was there any meaning to that? She kept wondering and so it was no surprise that people often found her alone, staring into space, hoping that one day, things would change.

But nothing happened, everything remained as it always was – at the edge of despair she made a very last attempt to save herself and escaped to a world that had everything she ever dreamed of, a world, only one thought away.

Endless landscapes to traverse upon, loyal friends by her side, accompanying the girl on her journey. Together they lived through many an adventure, danger always ahead, but they did not fear this. Soon they became part of heroic tales of bravery, friendship, love, trust, but also betrayal and schemes.
And before she knew what was happening, she grasped a pencil and began to put these stories to paper. First she only wrote them down, but eventually, as time passed, they also took shape in strokes of color and pencil.
One world became many worlds and with every word, with every brush stroke and every picture, the worlds grew.

Although these tales and people only “lived” in her mind, they still became an important part of her life.  And so, despite living in reality, it were these worlds she created, that now became where her heart is.

Thus, the little girl became an artist and writer, whose greatest joy it is, to invite other people to her world. To show her world and her dearest friends – her characters – to others, this is what she wishes to live for.

Certainly you already guessed that the girl I’m telling you about is no one else, but myself.

The name’s Claire – pleased to meet you. But you probably know me better as Yasao. After all that’s how I always introduce myself: as Yasao. This is at the same time my nickname and my name as artist.
I've been born in october 1990, am a little bit crazy (oh really? *laughs* Well, I do tend to say “It’s not necessary to be crazy, but it is rather useful” or that I am “Mad as a hatter”) and I’m quite the daydreamer.
In summer 2014 I graduated from a school for graphic- and media design (well, it was a schooling program to become a "design assistant" – or however else you’d translate “Gestaltungstechnischer Assistent” *laughs*) though I soon realized that this isn’t what I’ll be planning to do in future. My dream is to become either an illustrator (for example for fantasy novels) or to work as a concept artist / character designer for a gaming company. Aside of this I’m hoping I’ll be able to publish my  fantasy novel “Broken” soon.

I think that’s all that’s important to know about me – I rather let my drawings do the talking for me. If there’s more questions though, feel free to contact me.
But what are you waiting for now? How about you go and take a stroll through my realm? Explore this website and if you like, you can leave a comment or two on my art.

...What do you mean, you want cake after all?