What do my characters mean to me?



Do you know the feeling of reading a good book and suddenly you get lost in the pages? You cease to realize what’s going on around yourself and it is as though in front of your very eyes you can see the most incredible landscapes? You live and suffer alongside with the protagonists – or the villains – as though you as well, were part of the tale? You are saying this sounds familiar to you?

This exactly is the meaning behind all my creations – to breathe life into fictional characters, to make them become real, together with their world.
Not a single one of my OCs (abbreviation for “Original Characters” exists solely on paper. Through every detail added to them, they become more and more alive and already in the earliest hours of their “birth” they already live an self-reliant life. They constantly develop themselves further, sometimes even without my doing – it’s weird, but at times I really don’t know just where I got an idea for them from. It’s as though they are... Deciding things for themselves.
The best example for a character who became more than he was originally supposed to be is probably my bard Levant. He’s a character who was meant to be a background actor – a mere pretty face, a minstrel to sing at some tavern. But guess what? He became a hero and one of the most important main characters of my novel – just because he wanted to!

Of course, it may sound ridiculous to be talking about an own “free will” of fictional characters, but it is a fact that everything you create, will come to life, if you give a piece of your heart to your creation. There’s so many stories and legends telling of just that – ever heard of Pinocchio? Just to name one tale.

It’s the same way with my characters. To me they aren’t fictional, they never were. For as long as I can remember they’ve been by my side and supported me in my life. When things get rough, I know I can always count on them, they’ll always cheer me up when the sad every day life depresses me.

My characters are my companions, my friends, my family – my life.