Doujinshi & Manga

Well... Where to begin.
The definition says that doujinshi are self-published manga and I guess that’s what describes best what you’re going to find here. I’m more of an artist for artworks or illustrations though, so don’t be surprised there aren’t so many pages here yet – it takes ages for me to finish a single page ^^;

The two projects you can find here (on the right) however (Broken & Tales of Yokai) are my very own creations. The story, as well as the characters were invented by myself.

The Doujinshi of Broken is based on my novel, while Tales of Yokai is a collection of short stories I’m writing based on japanese myths.

Have fun reading them!


New!  I added another small doujinshi to this section, a little story about Gabryel called "A normal day", completed within only two pages! To find out more about it and to read it, just click on it above!