Gabryel - "A normal day"

Believe it or not - this small doujinshi about Gabryel was a task I did for school!

Maybe you read here about my final assignment before and now you have the unique chance to actually read the Manga I drew for it. Some of you told me that you would like to see it, so here it finally is :)

For those of you who don't know what I talk about: in this final assignment we were allowed to pick a topic of our own choice. We were asked to pick a matter that interests us or something that annoys us and then either to write about it (10 pages) or to create a written&practical task. I picked Manga as a topic, because I wanted to show that Manga is an actual form of art, despite all the prejudice.

Why? Simple: I often meet people who think Manga is something for children or something that consists solely of big eyes and magical girls (like Sailor Moon) or trained pet creatures (Pokémon, anyone? Or would you rather have some Digimon?) and sometimes people even laugh at Manga, claiming it's inferior to "real art" (this even goes so far that I began to feel insulted when people told me my style supposedly was "Manga").

So, to clear things up, I first offered a report on the origins and history of Manga and then made a tutorial for schools that shows students how much planning and work is necessary for a simple 2 page-Manga. Of course I can't explain this without offering an example - and what's better than to draw a Manga about one of my own characters for that purpose, hm?

Anyway, enough explanations! It's time to give the spotlight to my dear Gabryel - he's already eagerly waiting to charm his way into people's hearts *laughs*.


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