Current projects - Preface

I’m always writing. At home, during a bus ride, sometimes during class (I’m sorry >O< But what you can you do when inspiration strikes?! D: ). Either I’m writing an article for this blog, some fan fiction project, maybe I’m also working on my novel or on one of my personal projects.

Unlike my private fan fiction works these personal projects are set in a world of my own creation, with characters of my own.  But also unlike my novel Broken, these smaller projects are no linear tales.


While Broken has a beginning and keeps telling the story kind of in a chronological order, the other projects are like a puzzle. Partly these pieces have the shape of short stories, some of them are even only drawn out as doujinshi pages (Tales of Yokai for example) and some of the pieces only consist of a painting that tells a story of it’s own. All these pieces build a whole – they add up to a complete tale and each piece on its own tells about different facets of the protagonists and their lives.

It's your choice now - what do you wish to read about?




Lost Angel


Tales of Yokai




Depth of Heart