A recent painting of Serael (still WIP)

"Humanity – highest and most beautiful of all of his Lord’s creations – it seemed as though it was lost in a maze of fleeting desire and promises, constantly led into temptation by their innumerable lust and needs. He had no knowledge of things such as this however – he was an angel, descended to Earth at his own request.
His name was Serael and he had always admired humanity. It wasn’t jealousy that made him come to the mortal realm, no, he didn’t even know what it was like, to be jealous. All he knew was his own curiosity, wishing to find out what made humans so special that God favored them over His angels. Why He loved them so much, that He gave them a gift that was denied to His angels – to ability to feel.”


I suppose these first lines of a short story about Serael summarize quite well what his tale is about, hm? It’s one of my least developed projects though, it doesn’t even have a proper title yet! That is, I do have many ideas for the story about Serael already, but I have yet to write them out.

So yes, it’s a story about an angel who’s not like the others – he doesn’t accept his role as heavenly guardian. Ever so often he gazes down on Earth and sees how passionate people live – they love, they argue, they laugh, they cry... It often confuses him because just like the other angels he’s a stoic person, unable to feel. It doesn’t remain unnoticed though that he’s distracted by his peculiar curiosity, so in order to quench this, he’s allowed to go to Earth.
On Earth, however, he doesn’t find what he expected to see – he sees how much people suffer, how poverty and sickness reigns the world and how even the world itself, is sick...
It’s a world like ours, just a bit ahead in the future – or let’s put it that way: its a dystopia, a darker vision of our future. Now there’s more factories than ever, the soil is poisoned and wars have made the gap between the rich and the poor more extreme. There’s no proper government anymore either – the Catholic Church took over the role of the government and the world is about to face another kind of crusade.
As Serael sees all this and hears about how the humans claim that everything they do happens because God wishes so, he starts to question his Lord. And though he was supposed to return to heaven after seven days, he refuses – he stays in the mortal realm, living amongst the humans, wondering why they suffer so much, if God loves them so... And the longer he stays, the more human he becomes. Soon he learns what it means to “feel” – and begins to feel doubt, anger... And hatred.

The whole story is sparked by the fact that I’m not the uhm... Let’s say I’m not church’s best “customer” – in other words, I don’t quite believe in god.
Funny side note though... The whole idea for Serael and his story came to me after I watched Hellboy many years ago. Weeeeeird huh? *laughs*

Well, hopefully I get to work more on this story soon... And who knows, maybe one day you’ll be reading it.