Tales of Yokai - WIP

What you can see right here are some unfinished paintings of my story “Tales of Yokai”.
Some brief explanations:

1) Karasu – Kamen (Masks)
My crow yokai in his “costume” as human, disguised even further as an actor. He’s surrounded by Noh-Mask that symbolize the various characters of the story.

2) Seiichiro – On the Verge of Sanity
An illustration of my character Toru Seiichiro, a cursed samurai. He’s one of my most favorite characters of “Tales of Yokai” and I hope I’ll manage to finish this painting some time.

3) Toru Seiichiro – a “simple” Character Portrait
Well, that’s what it was supposed to be. But in the end it became quite the symbolic picture again. To name just one example: see that stormy, raging sea behind him? Its a symbol for his inner conflict.

If there’s questions of comments, feel free to leave me a message underneath in the comment section!


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