Vyon - A young darkelf, the main character of Broken.

“I hide my feelings beneath the veil of a false me.
Nobody can see the tears that destroyed me long ago, just like a castle during war.
I won’t let anyone in to treasure my past.

Thus I lock away my heart, so I won't lose it.
Trust disappears and nothing matters anymore - I no longer care about tomorrow.
My eyes are cold, so are my heart and soul.
And all of my hope I had is broken."


Hmm... Now I see what people mean by saying that a translation can lose much of it’s original meaning. Because you see, this was actually a german poem I wrote many years ago (I think it was around 2006 or something). It’s quite dark, isn’t it...? Well, it’s no surprise I guess. I wasn’t feeling well when I wrote it – though I don’t remember the exact year, I do remember the day clearly, it was in summer, during my holidays. I went to the Baltic Sea with my parents and I argued with them. At the very same time I also was arguing with my Ex and lets just say, everything was going wrong.
So as I sat at the water, I wrote this poem and the night after I dreamed of a stranger... A young darkelf, who was uttering jus the very same lines I had written previously. The moment I woke in the next morning I began to draw him... And that’s when I first drew Vyon.

Back in that day I would have never thought that one day Vyon would become the main character of my largest and most important work – my novel Broken. And the poem? Well, it not only became the eponym of the whole novel, but it was also the inspiration for the plot of first half of the first book. 
Ever since that day at the waterside I’ve been working on Broken and at the moment it consists of around 300 pages, 26 chapters, far over 100 illustrations & sketches, a doujinshi and various short stories about the characters. To think that it all just started with that one poem though...

Though that poem sounds so utterly hopeless and sad though – and though Vyon really has to go through a lot during his journey, he eventually might really find his happiness... And not only this, as he travels to find out where he really belongs and finds a greater destiny than he expected, he also meets many people who will fight by his side.
For example there’s a wolfman and bounty hunter with an insatiable appetite who has a thing for getting himself in trouble, a shy bard with a heavenly voice but some dark past or a rather vain magician who likes to think HE is the hero of the story.

My, there’s so much more I could tell you about my novel and my beloved characters but I really have to try hard to stop myself *laughs* After all I don’t want to give away any spoilers because I want to publish my novel at some point. So I’m sorry, you’ve got to wait a bit longer :) I do hope I made you curious though!