Three "new" old pictures

As the title may let you guess, these pictures aren’t exactly “new”, but older pictures. Though “old” is probably too much to say, they’re not quite thaaaat  old. *laughs*
I hope you like these pictures :) If you’re interested in some background information about the drawings, well, go on reading.

1) Hidetomo
Hidetomo is one of the main characters of my novel “Broken”. He’s a magician, rather vain and moody and to support and guide his magic he usually makes use of a fan.
Hide is one of my dearest characters, although his story is kind of sad. Thus, I also tried to show this in the illustration – no one can really tell what Hidetomo thinks and though unlike him, he holds his head lowered.
I’ve worked on this drawing for a very long time. I think I started drawing it in 2011, but as I still lacked the necessary talent to be really satisfied with the result (especially the lighting) I stopped working on it. In 2012 I dared another attempt and in June it finally got finished.

2)  Karasu
This picture as well was drawn in 2012 – I finished it in May. It’s based on an old, rough sketch of my character Karasu from Tales of Yokai and it’s a simple character illustration. Kind of like a concept art to portray him, you know?
At the same time this drawing was meant to be part of a contest and it was exhibited at the “art convention” of my school.

3) Levant – Bard’s ballad beneath the birch tree
Quite the title, hm? *laughs* I had fun playing with the alliteration there, I admit it.
But in any case – it’s a watercolor painting of my dear bard Levant, done in 2012. Believe it or not though, the sketch for this was far older (was it 2008 or 2009? I’m not sure). It was a very simple sketch that never got finished, because I started to ink it and thought I had ruined it at that time.
Years later I discovered it again amongst my old sketches and it made me sad that it was unfinished, after all it was a pretty idea. “Why not give it another try” was what I thought then and I did just that. The result of this new attempt is what you can see here. And to be honest, I have to say that I’m happy about how it looks – also because it’s one of my first paintings with a complete background.

(This painting as well, was shown at the art convention of my school.)

~ Yasao

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