Trick or Treat

What to do while watching Thor for the umpteenth time? Sketch Loki with a ballpoint pen! XD
What to do while watching Thor for the umpteenth time? Sketch Loki with a ballpoint pen! XD

Although its a well known fact that I love Halloween (despite the fact I’m from Germany) I realize that its stiiiiiill five months too early for it XD Pity though... Wouldn’t mind carving some pumpkins right now *laughs*

But anyway, it’s still a rather fitting line to describe the past week nevertheless. Why? Well, if you wish to know, you ought to find out by reading this! :3

I'll also tell you about some other things I was doing the past week.

So... The usual weeks of going to getting up early and going to school are over. The final exams are approaching ever so fast and I’ll be writing my first one next Friday, but until then I have no school. Time to relax, to study and to work on some other tasks... But before I tell you about them, let me tell you about the past week.


My parents weren’t home the last week – sometimes they go on some kind of hiking holidays and that’s why they went away. This meant that I had to take care of the house – completely, with cleaning, doing other chores and cooking for me and my brother. And though it was a lot of work, I enjoyed it because I got to cook things I don’t usually get to eat, such as Onigiri and delicious baked things like raspberry muffins and cookies. I prepared the latter mostly however for the purpose of taking them to school as my breakfast, especially because we went away on a small trip on Tuesday.
We went to Essen and visited the Red Dot Design Museum – although the exhibits weren’t quite that intriguing to me (with the exception of some game trailers, those I did enjoy) I really loved the setting of the museum *o*. It’s settled within some old factory building and I took many photos of all kinds of pipes and valves – honestly, I love these kinds of places, especially since they remind me of Mako reactors from Final Fantasy VII. *laughs* Walking through these halls actually made me daydream a little... And daydreaming I did quite a lot the past weeks. I spent so much time just doing this whenever I took the train to school or went home. Either it was because I was reading a book (Frances Hodgson Burnett’s “The Secret Garden” – such a beautiful book! If you haven’t read it yet, you should :3) and this made my mind drift to another world or because I was writing my stories.

Although I’ve been thinking  a lot about my novel the past few days and actually have an idea regarding it (more about this in a moment X3), the story I’ve been writing was mostly my Marvel Fanfiction (about a villainess called "Dryad", the very same person on this picture). It’s no surprise though, because I’ve been watching the Thor & Avengers movies over and over the past week *laughs* Because see, Asaka slept over at my place last weekend and her and I simply felt like watching these movies, so it’s only natural that Loki has been allover my mind, isn’t it? But it’s not only because of the movies, but also because of the comics I’ve been reading. I nearly finished the 2nd volume of the “Marvel Masterworks” series of “The Mighty Thor” and will soon begin reading the first one of “The Avengers” simply because I like Loki xD (I mean okay, Tony Stark is kinda cool though, but my main reason for reading it is really Loki). Oh and since I’ve mentioned this now... I also bought the “Season One” version of Avengers yesterday. It was the “Free Comic Day 2014” so I went to the city, visited my local store and got some free comics along with the one I bought (one from DC, one from Marvel and some other x3). What a nice idea to have such an event though – I had heard about it before, but this year it was the first time I participated in it.


It’s really good that I have some time to spend to my liking now, so if I wish, I can just lay here and read a little. I’m planning on spending the next few days on doing some other things too however. Firstly of course, I need to study for my final exams and there’s also an application task for another school I need to work on.
But aside of school-related matters I also wish to focus a little on my private projects, mainly on my novel, simply because I couldn’t do so during my school time. Although it’s a school task that gave me the idea for what I’ve been planning... We had to make a 3D model of a hotel room and furnish it according to an art style of our choice. I picked Tim Burton’s style and although my teacher thought it too dark to be a hotel room, I quite liked how it looked and it got me thinking... Why not creating a room based on my novel? I was thinking of making a model of Vyon’s room at the darkelven castle. It needs some planning and sketching beforehand but I might be doing it. But as I said, first of all I need to focus on studying and working on the task for my application as game artist... After all I can’t put my career plans on hold, can I? I really wish to become a concept artist, so being accepted at the school I applied will possibly the first step to it.

But in any case... You see, it was a week full of tricks (Get it now? Loki is a trickster xD <3) and treats (the things I baked and cooked *laughs*) indeed.


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