The leaves begin to fall...

...Which means, autumn is here at last! Some of you may be sad that summer is over (and some, especially some of my German readers may ask “Which summer?  You mean those last rainy months with temperatures that were way too cold for this time? That wasn’t summer.” ) but let me tell you: I love fall!

To me it’s the most beautiful of seasons – with the trees all painted in different colors and Halloween (and my Birthday in early October XD) just around the corner, it’s no surprise I enjoy it, hm?

And since the new season deserves a celebration, why not do so with some sneak peaks on some of the drawings I’ve been working on recently? Do you think this sounds good? Well, then why not take a look?

But first let me tell you – the leaves outside aren’t the only things that’s been raining down upon my head recently: I’ve been going through some old boxes stacked with papers and old magazines from about ten to fifteen years ago and my, did I find a lot of...Odd things.
I threw away a lot (well, most of it), but I also found and kept some weird old exercise sheets. I suppose you aren’t surprised to hear that most of them were doodled on. It was a weird feeling to see my old scribbles again but it was necessary to clean up because I got a few new shelves for my room. (Now my Manga are finally all properly lined up and my collection of Action Figures got a worthy place in a glass display case ^_^).
Anyway, enough of this off-topic mumbling, on to business! *Straightens her imaginary white gloves*

The drawings I promised!
Here, let me show you – and if you are interested in some details behind those drawings (as for example who these characters are if you don’t know them or some other background information),  simply scroll down.

  • First up a painting I’ve been meaning to show you for a while – although I must admit that this is a bit of a “teaser” picture. Why? You’ll see why in a second.
    It’s a painting of an in fact minor character of my novel “Broken” – he’s a darkelven archer called Nadeis, but since he’s become quite dear to me, I tend to draw him more than the other secondary characters. The painting is not yet done, but I do plan on working on it more, as I like where this is going.
    I’ve been planning to make a detailed article on this one – a making of article, if you will, describing the various steps in a more detailed manner. I still plan on doing this soon though (I've even prepared the article a bit already), so look out for my updates on this blog. :)

  • The second painting is one of two remakes, although the sketch for this one isn’t that old yet – it’s a pencil sketch of my character Gabryel I did last year in school.
    I loved this sketch so much though that I’ve been wanting to create a painting based on it and started working on it a while back, but got stuck on the background and stopped. At that time I had already placed some base coloring for Gabryel, but had not done any shading yet. So a few days ago, I’d been feeling a little blue and had not been able to really draw much... So the mood struck me to work on it and this is how it looks so far – not too shabby, huh? I know it still needs a lot of work, but I already like how it’s expressing the atmosphere I’ve been aiming for. Once I make any progress on this (or even finish it) I may show you the result, stay tuned!

  • And the last painting for today, yet another picture of Nadeis, is a small treasure to me. As it says in the painting itself: it’s from 2007 – that is, the whole background, the lineart and the basecoloring (and what little shading I had done on the Nadeis’ face) was done in that year.
    Considering it’s seven years old I still quite like it (especially since this picture, unlike other sketches and drawings I did in 2007, comes rather close to my style today) and found it a shame it remained unfinished - but I also realized, if I were to continue it, I’d have to change it a little because my style DID change. So, just a few days ago I asked myself: why not give it another try? No sooner said than done: I made a new layer above my old line art, quickly re-sketched the nose and began painting away. I realized that especially the large eyes were bothering me, so I completely re-painted them as well. The painting is also still  a work in progress, but unlike the other Nadeis painting, I’m not too sure yet when I’ll continue this one. I do wish to finish it some day though – especially since it’s one of the rare paintings I did that shows some scenery of the land of my darkelves, complete with it’s blossoming trees that bloom in the everlasting night. *sighs* How I wish to paint more of it...

In any case – this is all for now.

I hope you enjoyed to see those WIPs! As always, feel free to leave a comment.


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