Making of "Takio Kadan"

Greetings, my dear readers ♥ I'm back, with yet another "making-of" post, showcasing the creation of one of my most recent aceos, this time starring my sweet OC, the one and only Taki--- err, Hidetomo *laughs*
This handsome mage from my novel Broken is quite distinctive, thanks to his pretty markings, his yellow eyes and his fondness for folding fans, as well as kimono - but this time, I thought of something special. Instead of drawing the patterns for the fabric, I created them using origami-paper, using a technique I learned from a friend.

Hidetomo - Sketch
This is the sketch I did of Hidetomo, and of course he's holding one of his pretty folding fans. ♥

Ah, my Hidetomo - it's always a pleasure to draw him! I don't know how many drawings I did of him, but I think amongst the characters of my novels, I probably drew him the most (and he's only rivaled by my darkelven main character Vyon).

Naturally, I also wanted to dedicate an aceo to him again, so I quickly decided on a simple, but elegant pose and found a setting befitting my precious Hide: a garden, with a waterfall behind him, some rocks here and there... Yes, I figured, this would create the perfect atmosphere, without stealing the viewer's attention from him (he hates that, you know? *laughs* He always wants the attention to be on him, and him alone :P).


Once the sketch was done, I contemplated how I was going to color it - and there I remembered a talk I previously had with my friend Sakaki. She had told me of how to use pattern paper effectively in creating aceos - and since I have a large collection of origami paper (because I love folding paper cranes ♡), I wanted to give it a try as well.

In the gallery below you can observe the creation process in its entirety - and let me tell you, it was painstaking! The lineart and the coloring was the easy part really, but having to cut out every single section, each one at a time, then picking the perfect piece of paper and glueing it in place from behind the card was quite tedious. But I believe the ultimate result was worth all the cussing, the sticky fingers and the near despair (because once I thought I cut too far and ruined it 😅).
Still, I don't think I'll be repeating this anytime soon *laughs* But painting in watercolor will be nice too, am I right?


Aaanyway ♥  That's it! I hope you enjoyed today's post - as always, feel free to write a comment.

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