My first entry O.O

Well... I really dared it, huh? I made a new website, an own blog, simply to present my works once more.

Some people might be happy about this, because I’ve been often asked “Say, do you have a website? I want to see your art!” but I always told them, no, I don’t have a website – I want to be as anonymous as I can online.

Sure, anonymity and online – that doesn’t go together, does it? Especially since everything we write, everything we publish will be an eternal part of the World Wide Web. Even if one thinks you deleted something, it’s still there.
I know that, I’ve done it, been there – I used to show my artworks online many years ago, but I no longer had the desire to. Why, you may ask? Well, let’s just say I used to have some quite bad experiences in the past that made me wish to hide.

But part of me always knew that if I wanted to follow my dream to become an illustrator one day, I needed to be braver. How was I to reach that dream, if I don’t even dare to publish my artworks? Could I really allow those experiences to hinder me? Could I really let these people win? No, it was foolish to hide.

Though I am still quite nervous about this whole project here, I decided to write this first article. As you can see the whole website is still very much under construction and it may look a bit empty here and there, but I’m sure that will be changing in future.

For now you can see some first WIPs and a few pages of my Doujinshis. Just go and take a look :) And if you like, you can write a line or two.


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    Asa (Monday, 15 July 2013 22:31)

    Ich schau mir deine Bilder immer wieder gerne an <3
    du malst richtig gut