Good evening, faithful readership.

I hope you enjoyed your weekend and spent the sunny Saturday outside! I sure did go outside, though I was silly and... Well, you’ll find out in a moment. Let’s just say, you wouldn’t necessary call it “weekend” as in "being lazy and just enjoying the free time".


So this article will be about what I’ve been doing recently and I’m going to show you something nice: the finished Loki painting I've shown you before - including a picture with close-ups of some details!

Let me start with asking you a simple question: is there a button in the human brain to switch on some kind of “weekend mode”? I’m asking this, because I spent nearly the entire weekend working – not working on private things though, but on a task for school.
Don’t get me wrong, it’s about a topic that personally interests me, so it’s not like I had to research some boring matters, but I still would have liked just a little taste of weekend - that’s not too much to ask, right?

Admittedly, saturday I DID want to work.
It was simply the perfect chance to get some work done, you know? My parents were out hiking and my brother wasn’t home either, so it meant perfect silence and no one to distract me. Well, almost. There’s still my pet bird who’s being a bit noisy since it’s spring (*laughs* Seriously! You should hear him, little buddy’s singing so loudly that you can hear him with the doors and windows closed). So I decided to move to the garden, got comfortable at the terrace and worked there for about seven hours straight.

Now WHAT did I work on? Well, see, there’s that final project we have in school – it’s kind of like some research paper, combined with a practical task. We were asked to pick a topic on our own and once one of my teachers was like “Well, is there something that really bothers you? Something you want to change?” quite a number of things came to my mind. Eventually I decided though, that one of the things that probably annoy me the most is how arrogant some artists are, especially when it comes to things like Manga. Some don’t consider it art at all or judge it worth less than “real” art. Whatever “real” art is.
If you ask me, every kind of measure of conveying a certain message or an emotion to an audience is art – may it be a movie, a novel, a photograph, a painting or even a Comic or a Manga! But that just as a side note.
So yeah, that settled my topic – I was going to write about Manga, on a scientific level. That includes the history of Manga, as well as the various genres and some lines about notable Manga artists.
As for the practical task... My teacher helped me developing the idea of creating a kind of general tutorial on Manga – a “How to” about drawing a short, two page Manga for learning and teaching purposes. You know, material a teacher could use to teach this in school. Sounds like fun, huh?

Well, yes and no. As I said before, it’s interesting to do research on this matter and to write about what I like on a professional level, but... It can get quite stressing if you work and work the whole weekend and forget to take a break.
Because today I’ve been working too – I was laying on my bed, not knowing what to do with my Sunday, half thinking about Monday, as always, until I went like  “Oh to hell with it” and continued my work. While yesterday I mainly focused on the writing part, I began creating a layout for the work sheets today and wrote the first part about getting an idea and writing a script.

Now it’s Sunday evening, I feel more stressed than I did Friday and kind of wish I had a remote to go back to Friday and start my weekend all over. I mean yes, I’m glad I got some work done, but I would like some rest now – and some time to draw.

But let me tell you, the weekend DID  start out alright though – despite the fact that I didn’t feel too well on Friday, I was so happy to see that both, my new Thor Comic (Thor: The Trials of Loki) and my Loki poster arrived (yes, now there’s a biiig Loki poster on my wall *laughs* Right next to my favorite Sephiroth Posters <3 Sometimes I’m really like a child).
In the evening, after I took a small nap, I decided to give painting a try. After all I still had that unfinished Loki picture laying around on my desktop and I was eager to work on it. Glad I decided to, really – it went so well! I’m a bit surprised about HOW well it went to be honest but I guess it’s because I had fun painting it :3
So a few hours later the painting "Mischief" no longer was unfinished and now it makes a pretty background picture for my laptop *giggles*.

Well, what do you think about it, hm? As I said, I also added a picture with some details today, mainly so you see how rough some parts actually are. I absolutely love this about art, by the way: to create the illusion of  details with just a few rough brush strokes and a few “blotches” of color. Fascinates me every time *laughs*.
Oh and may I say that I am utterly stunned by how I painted his eyes? >////> *coughs* ANYWAY! Enough of this.

Yasi over and out, I think I should really get some rest now. Good night and oyasuminasai!


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    Aya (Wednesday, 02 April 2014)

    This is really realistic looking. He looks like how he does in the movie and the expression of his here matches him pretty well~ and the eyes on him are well colored. I love the way they are colored *-*