Your not so ordinary Easter entry

Dyed easter eggs are childish? Well, don't care, Mom and I did it anyway XD
Dyed easter eggs are childish? Well, don't care, Mom and I did it anyway XD

Happy Easter everyone - did you go and catch yourself a bunny?

Well, I got my fair share of annual chocolate without chasing down a fur ball and also followed the tradition & dyed some Easter eggs with my mother yesterday. I know, I'm 23, but I still enjoy doing things like that - but anyway, I'm not planning to rant about how the eggs look like dragon eggs now with their metallic color... In fact there's other things I want to talk about. Plenty of things.

So... Got a minute or two? Then go on reading - and besides, there's a new painting included in this article! X3 One unlike my others, because I've drawn it using a new tool. Which tool you ask? Well, you'll see!

As some of you may know – or not – I’m currently on vacation. Although I stayed home and I don’t really have much time to really relax because I have loads of school things to work on, I’m trying to make the best of it. After all you could say these are special holidays, because they’re my last ones in quite a while. Why? Because I’m finishing school soon – in May it’s time for the final exams, so you can probably imagine how busy I am at the moment.  There’s a pile of work still waiting to be done, for example some task for 3D class or some written works for politics and economy class – plus there was the final project about Manga I told you about the last time, but I finished it on Thursday already. (A small question by the way, are you interested in seeing the Manga I drew for that? Let me know~ so I might be going to post it.) Yeah – loads and loads of work x_x

But anyway, enough of that! To look on the brighter side though (wow, did I really just say that? o_o Something POSITIVE coming from me?) something good happened just recently: one afternoon, during a day off from school my dad called and was like “Didn’t you say you’re interested in an E-book reader?” And although I’m fond of printed works and favor the smell of paper and ink over digital pages, I did mention owning one wasn’t a bad idea, so I went like “Yes, why?” and he told me that one of his coworkers had a special offer from amazon for a Kindle Fire HD. My dad told me to read up on it and soon I made my decision: I want that thing! So, now, about two weeks later I’m happier than ever about that decision – it’s like a dream come true.

You gotta know... I’ve always been wanting a mobile device to write on, so I can write my stories during a bus ride or when I’m outside in general. A laptop is way too impractical and a smartphone wouldn’t really do the job well either... So when I saw that my new kindle is basically like a normal tablet PC and can operate some kind of office app, I squealed with glee. But it’s getting even better than that... Ever heard of Sketchbook Pro? It’s a neat drawing app and omg... After I got myself a proper pen (a bamboo pen from Wacom – hey, IF I get something, then I’m getting the good stuff XD) I tried to doodle in it...And what can I say? I LOVE it *o* I spent all day doodling yesterday – though you can’t really call it a doodle anymore, considering that I spent about 12 hours on it buuuut... I love how it looks.
Are you curious what I doodled? Well, I proudly present the randomness that went on in my head when I was reading Journey into Mystery by Kieron Gillen XD



Okay, I know this doodle doesn’t make any sense – how can there be Teenage Loki and the older Loki in one picture, alive and present? But hey, don’t question the logic of my random mind *laughs* I couldn’t help it, Teenage Loki is simply so adorable >//u//<  And yes, I obviously enjoy toying with Loki’s clothes – the ones I drew here are kind of a mix of various of his “traditional” outfits. They were fun to draw and I like drawing my “own” version of Loki anyway rather than copying someone else’s design~

So... What else is there to tell other than that I’ve been reading way too much Marvel recently? Well, actually not really much otherwise. Honestly – lately I’ve been either working on school things, writing my Marvel Fanfic, doodling Loki ooooooor watching the Thor movies over and over...
Oh! Right, I’ve also been squealing over some TV commercial I saw the other day – it was so odd though xD My mom asked me randomly if there’s a way to find out whether there will be more movies with Tom Hiddleston on TV soon (I still don’t know WHY she asked that o.ô Maybe because I talk about Loki so much?) and I was like “Hm, dunno. Kinda doubt it.” And what happened? Just a few minutes later I saw Tom in some Jaguar commercial – I was sitting there like O/////_//////O and ended up being giggly for the entire evening. For those who don’t know it, here’s a link to the longer version of the commercial – it’s actualy quite cool and called  “The Art of Villainy” XDD. (It’s in English, on TV it was dubbed and Tom had his German Loki voice XD I still like his original voice better though *//u//*) But honestly, it was such an odd coincidence to see that after my mom asked about him *laughs* She was surprised too.
Anywaaaay.... That’s all for now!


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    Asa (Friday, 09 May 2014 15:32)

    what a nice picture of the three trickster ;) and yay dyed easter eggs FTW. It isn't childish at all it keeps memory of a time were happiness used to reign.
    AND of course u need to post the manga u draw for that school work it is really nice and I believe they would love him. x3
    maybe u might post the tutorial of chardesign too it would be nice.
    well Happy easter to u too (i know i am a bit late to greet and comment that but I was in the mood<3)